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This whole debacle reminds me of the guy that used to buy up old copies of AutoCad with their licenses and then auction them on eBay. It seems that AutoDesk (copyright holders of AutoCad) filed complaint after complaint with eBay claiming that this guy was selling pirated software, when in fact he was able to prove that it was not. After a month or so of eBay receiving these complaints from AutoDesk, the guy's eBay account was permanently terminated with no opportunity for appeal. He had previously provided proof that the software was not pirated and on numerous occasions, that proof was demonstrated to eBay's satisfaction, yet ultimately, his account was still terminated. There is no doubt that AutoDesk didn't like the fact that this guy was selling older versions of AutoCad at a steep discount with respect to the newest version, but should that give them the right to bully eBay into terminating his account? There is legal recourse in the cited case, but what recourse does a Cox customer that's been falsely accused 3 times of copyright infringement have?

There are many among us that think that it's ok for a few innocent people to suffer, as long as the bulk of those punished, are guilty. This idea is an affront to the ideas that spawned the founding of this country. The founding fathers considered that the injustice of punishing one innocent man, outweighed the injustice of letting 1000 guilty men walk free.