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Philadelphia, PA

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access to Cavtel DSL modem Web interface

i have Cavalier 6mb DSL with static IP address,

everything works fine online with DSL hook directly to my computer (300k down/256k up) very slow.

(tested 2 different *WORKING* router, both don't work)

if i hook up a Router to it will not work at all. i think it's mostly just need change bridge setting but cavalier support keep saying there is nothing they can do, they even lie to me there is no Modem web interface.

so I do some research and fine out that the *** paradyne 6381 dsl modem** do anyone know DLS modem web interface USER NAME/PASSWORD? to change setting.

Update: called them to set my dsl modem for DHCP, my router worked, than i ask them change back to static ip. IT STOP working again. i think it's something like bridge setting but they won't fix it for me.


Did you configure you router with the static IP? Sometimes with Static IPs the IP will get bind to a mac and it will not clear/re-learn until it times our on the router/switch. In most cases if you reboot your equipment along with the modem it will refresh it.


Halethorpe, MD
reply to vincent1288
Plug your computer directly into the modem, and configure a static IP of Then open your web browser, and go to The username is Admin and the password is also Admin.