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Re: Another idea for cutting down costs for fiber in the north..

There has been a great deal of discussion concerning the pros and cons of burying the power lines in New Hampshire, particularly in the light of some extended winter outages affecting large numbers of customers in the last few years. 2006 was exceptionally bad.

Ultimately, if the P.U.C. is correct, it would appear that it is unlikely that the lines are going anywhere in the near future. They do not have any plans on the table that they are discussing with the general public or easement owners.

As a property owner who has acres of my upper property devoted to power company easement, I would be delighted to see the last of the multiple power towers. So would any number of folks from the seacoast to the Massachusetts border who have similarly seen much of their property taken by eminent domain to add more lines to support the hundreds of housing developments and industrial parks that have gone in over the last two decades.

I have no idea how much the cost would be cut by, but I do know that most of the water outages that we have are caused by a propensity of local excavation firms to bypass calling Dig Safe. Since one can not regulate shoddiness, I can't see that changing... at least now they just take out the water, not the water, the power, the phones, and the HSI....
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