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account suspension

I just got a letter from prolog that I violated their AUP and they are disconnecting me for 30 days. They said I used 95.5gigs down and 9.6 up. I have tried going to their site before to monitor my usage »www.engr.ptd.net/ but it has always said Your IP address was not found behind a monitored cmts! So I had no way of knowing how much I was using. Is there anything I can do to try to fight this?

Mechanicsburg, PA
If it's available I would recommend just getting 3M/768k DSL from Verizon or if you're really lucky FIOS. It's not worth it to beg to get garbage performance / service from this Ma and Pop shop gone bad.

Yes the advertised speed is lower, but you'll have a consistently decent experience vs. PTD and no data caps!