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Albany, CA
reply to CFHJustin73

Re: Warhammer RvR Tier 1

said by CFHJustin73:

I like the "join all" feature they added, but I've never even seen the greenskins RvR area for lvl 1-11. I've only been in one of the Elf RvR and the rest have all been Chaos'. Is it the same on all the realms?
The thing about this game is that it scales with server population. On a balanced, high pop server you will get short SC queues with a good mix of races/classes. My server is one such server and I have leveled to Rank 30, Renown rank 29 purely thru PvP.

However, even on a balanced, healthy server you will see population anomalies. For instance, If you are in T1 while the majority of the server has moved into T2 or T3 (T3 is where the majority is on my server), you will see the types of SC populations you describe. Basically, you are playing against people's alts.

I agree that this would be frustrating, especially if you are a T1 toon where T3 world RvR is blowing up (my server). You are kinda left out of the game until you hit 40 with everyone else.