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Poorly Representing MYSELF.
reply to kfsutops

Re: Of Course Boxes will Still Be Around

said by kfsutops:

The cable companies will never get rid of the boxes. I pay close to $20 per month for an HD DVR. Why would the get rid of that revenue stream?
The revenue stream from leasing boxes is more or less recouping the cost of maintaining them, purchaseing them to lease and processing them.
The real revenue stream is Impulse PPV and added value to the product such as VOD, the interactive guide, etc.

So cablecards arent really going away. A smarter way to use them is all that was needed.

DVRs incorporated into TVs is also coming up next. However, If youve ever purchased a TV/VCR combo back in the day and had the VCR crap out its the same thing. Just a lot more expensive.

Its a neat product, has a cooler interface and is convenient. We have one in our offic.

But it IS a lot of money to spend just to avoid having a cable box.. especially with high end set ups were the cable box is sitting right with the home theater system taking up just as much room as all the other AV equipment.
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New tru2way TV designs do not feature integrated hard drives. For the reason that you mentioned (TV/VCR combo) the hard drive will connect to the back of the TV. By having it externally affixed, the TV would avoid excessive heat, and the repair/replacement of a faulty hard drive would be consumer friendly. Look for several new advances and applications of tru2way in the first and second quarter of 2009.