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No Fear

New Jersey
reply to GTFan

Re: Cablecard still needed for tru2way

said by GTFan:

tru2way still requires a Cablecard, and therefore (possibly) a truck roll with associated install charges. Given the cable company reluctance to deal with them properly so far (because you're not renting their box), expect this to have problems too.
Tru2way can talk directly with the cable system, unlike cablecard only accepts data in. So alot of install issues will probably go away. The problems with cablecards today is that they cant request data down, it has to sent to them. The new method 2 way, the data will request any missing data. I am sure Comcast will find a way to mess it up.
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Des Plaines, IL
Do they need to have the right card?

Will the cards need to be reset before install?

Are they one way dumb mode and they need a hit before they request anything.

Will they be forced updates and forced tv firmware updates?

Will you need to have the cable guy do a firmware update on your tv before install as the tv may have older base software and the cable system has moved to a newer build.

How fast will they have to fix security bugs.

# No tuner access when TV is off
Will that be a issue?

A box that is not part of tv is a better IDEA for DVR's and so you don't have ship your tv out when the cable co software f* it up.


1. There is one type of card.
2. The cards will be ready to go on first install.
3. All cards are ready for 2way...the 2way cards are referred to as M-Cards (multi-stream).
4. TVs will do a download for their initial install.
5. same as ? 4