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Magicjack-No dial tone on phone and phone does not ring

I am hoping someone can help me since I have had two magicjacks now which have the same problem even on different computers. I have changed USB ports, phones,phone lines, too but still have this problem. I can install the magicjack and register and then can dial out and receive calls using the "soft" phone onscreen. But the real phone does not have a dial tome, nor does it ring. If I initiate a call or answer a call from the 'soft' phone onscreen, I can then pick up the real phone and use it just fine to talk, but it goes dead again after the call is hung up from the soft phone. Now I am stuck because Magicjack customer service sent me a replacement for the first defective one, and the replacement they sent me has the same problem....and they won't issue another replacement if I return this defective one, or credit my card. I should mention that I have 3 other magicjacks which work fine on the computers I have been trying to install the replacement on. Anyone have any suggestions or seen this problem?

Port Costa, CA
What happens when you click the menu button on the softphone, does it say switch to headset or telephone?

it says "switch to headset"...I am already on "telephone". I can unplug the magicjack which is giving me this problem, and plug in another one I have and it works fine....

Steamboat Springs, CO
guessing: is there an issue that maps a single PC to a single device? I don't like suggesting this (due to software download and no UNINSTALL option), but have you tried moving the offending device to a PC that has never had a MJ to see if it works correctly on it?


Winchester, KY
reply to lanal
From LP support with MJ:

Sheri: We are doing some upgrades, our engineers are working to get them completed as fast as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.
Sheri: I do apologize for this, but I had already raise this concern to our engineers. They are doing some upgrade already for this issue.

reply to RockyBB
Yes, I moved the magicjack to a computer that has never seen a magicjack...same result.

reply to evilt00l
Are you saying that there will be a FIX for this problem and it is a known problem? Would have been nice if one of the many Magicjack Customer Service people I chatted to, let me now this. If you are with Magicjack, can you notify me when/if a fix bceomes available, or do you have a timeframe? I am at the point of notifying my credit card company that I have a defective product so they can credit the charge since this is the second Magicjack I have with this problem.

There's no shortage
Sty in Sky
Where are you located ?

I am in the Bahamas and have 3 other magicjacks which work fine...I shipped the defective one back from Ft Lauderdale.


Santa Monica, CA
reply to lanal
I have the same issue as you, but I only have one MJ. It started working fine, but now I can only dial from the PC as opposed to the telephone that I have connected top the MJ.