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Accokeek, MD
reply to MystBlade

Re: I would love this

said by MystBlade:

My HD Comcast Box is bulky and is not very attractive. Intergrated with the TV would be fantastic!!! Sign me up, oh and take that rental fee out of my bill
However, would you pay (at minimum) an additional $400 USD for it to go away? The new 42" tru2way 1080p plasma TV (TH-42PZ80Q) costs $400 more than the same TV without it (SRP vs. SRP) (TH-42PZ80U). (Source: Panasonic)

Further, two things must happen for tru2way to be deployed in your area:

1. ADS is a requirement. (The two markets that have deployed tru2way are ADS.)
2. 750 MHz, at minimum, is also a requirement.

The first one already has plenty of protestors (the screaming was pretty darn loud in Chicago).

Why not now?
Pittsburgh, PA

I've never seen a protest of ADS. ADS is not analog reclamation, it is analog-digital simulcast. The screaming in Chicago was over the removal of all analog stations above 24 (25, can't remember). ADS is when a digital copy of an analog station is placed on the network so that digital only tuner STB's can be deployed (such as the Motorola 34xx series DVR instead of the 64xx series) which reduced cost and increases picture quality. I reread it, but I can not see where Tru2Way calls for support of digital only tuners.

1 ghz, at maximum, is the requirement (minimum for CE's). 750mhz minimum requirement may be areas the MSO will choose to upgrade, but is not part of the Tru2Way licensing, roll-out, or specifications listed at CableLabs. »www.opencable.com/specifications/