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Augustus III
If Only Rome Could See Us Now....

Gainesville, GA

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you have nothing to fear

but its for the children!! and national security*. if you oppose this you are either a terrorist or a paedophile.

pick one. you are all disgusting. There is no reason why law abiding people should fear this unless they are doing something wrong. The world will be a better place if everything was known. Then there would be no crime and you wouldnt need guns. Btw, guns are for savages.

*Additional uses may include the following at no extra charge. Enforcing photography copyright from flickr, pbase and others. Enforcing copyright laws for the riaa, mpaa. Protecting apple's encryption. Scanning your bank transactions to ensure you are not sending your information to unapproved vendors. Monitoring communication data to ensure you are not circumventing a law by arranging transactions in person over the internet (craigs list supports terrorism). Forwarding your information to the morality police when you commit an act of immoral nature. Ensuring you are able to view any and all ads as intended. Ensuring malicious software does not disable or remove our affiliates ad software installed on your system.

Void where internet is lacking, no subscription necessary. For additional uses buy volumes 1 through 200 at your favourite retailer. And dont you dare download them, we are watching! And dont try to get the little red book too, we are watching for that as well.