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Brooklyn, NY

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Cuomo is a pathetic loser compared to Spitzer...

...and never be even half as smart as Spitzer was back as AG, despite his laughable hooker-gate and subsequent fall.

Cuomo is trying to act like he's doing something important so he can look like Spitzer but in reality he's painfully clueless, a typical mouthpiece with little or zero understanding on the issue, an empty suit, trying to collect some political capital with this artifical non-issue.

Nobody likes child porn etc but this is WAAAY beyond that and the most ridiculous thing is that this idiot Cuomo supposed to be the person who watches out for OUR RIGHTS which includes my rights to PRIVACY, the use of newsgroups, even for - God forbid - adult ponr if I see fit.

Hey, Cuomo, get lost - and by the way this move just made sure you'll never be a Gov or anyone like that here, in this state, moron.

said by bicker:

Waaaa waaaa waaaa. You just want what you want and don't care to factor in what is right or true. Your perspectives are un-American, and deserve far more ridicule than I'm prepared to pile on them.