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Mechanicsburg, PA

Cold weather - no service - 5 business day tech turnaround

Well surprise surprise, the local cable internet monopoly strikes again.

This time internet outages and HD outages at the house that seem directly related to the cold weather (fails at nighttime and comes back at around 10AM when the sun can heat the ground / equipment, which means one of two things: SECTV surface equipment is improperly insulated / failed, or one of their underground runs has had their wiring insulation / protection fail. I'm on call at my employer that handles critical pieces of US infrastructure, and all I got out of SECTV is "The soonest we can get someone out is Friday afternoon". I tried playing nice, which didn't work, politely told the situation, no luck, then informed them I would make sure the press / authorities knew why XXX didn't work to call SECTV due to loss of connectivity to resolve the problem.

I pay for my internet (not subsidized) so $200 a month when I can't get valid service while paying almost $130 for my current package is a joke.

Anyone else see any climate related issues lately?