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·Cox HSI
·KCH Cable

No thanks

I just want my freaking speeds to be stable first, thanks.

I really need to call them and get a tech over... Speeds will be GREAT in the morning most days, but night time? Forget it until about 1:30AM, and even then, it's sometimes been very flaky.

5GB of my data for them to see... hmm... nope.

Rather upload my files to my real web host. Got a lot more storage there too...

5GB. Wow. I'd imagine many people have more than that on their iPod these days. My Sansa (I used iPod generically earlier) holds 8GB, and Rhapsody already lets me listen to anything in their library from anywhere I can login...

Yawn. Let's see DOCSIS 3 in more places

I guess it's kind of a neat idea for people who just want a place to put some files for some simple transfers... Not a bad idea in concept actually. Nice to know it's there I guess - would be nice in a pinch.

..."Preferred" (middle tier here) for me is supposedly 9/1 service. I'm lucky to get 1/2 at night right now Yes, you read that right. W/Powerboost, upload jumps to somewhere around 2Mbps if it needs to, while downloads have been very inconsistent. Most times LESS than 1Mbps! Again, I need to call a tech. Every time I almost do, it seems to level off and be a little more stable. Anything around 5-6Mbps in a relatively consistent fashion is enough to keep me from complaining too much. When it's steady at 1+ MegaBytes/sec download speeds, that's good too. That's what they claim to be giving me... 9/1, which is alright when it works .

Last night though, I got the bug again and will call soon if it's still weird tonight. Just tired of it. Great when it's steady, annoying as all heck when it isn't.
...Can't bring myself to go with AT&T either... Still not sure they'll sell me "naked" DSL in this area for a reasonable price...