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[connectivity] slow upload speed/constant connection loss

Greetings fellow Verizon/Fairpoint users.

I have been a customer of Verizon for a little over a year now and it seems like I am constantly battling connectivity problems. I had Comcast high speed for something like 6 years and never once lost connectivity.

here is my most recent problem.

I am an online gamer (world of warcraft) and this requires good upload speeds. Last night I was constantly losing my connection. I thought it was from the game since they recently released a patch that has been wreaking havoc so I gave up. Then I was trying to upload some pics to my picasa page and again lost connectivity.

After power cycling my modem 6 or 8 times it came back online but this morning I woke up and the indicator light for the internet was off and the DSL light was flashing. I spent 30 minutes power cycling it, unplugging all the wires and swapping them around, turning the modem on and off and still no connection.

I'll mess around with it more when I get home. I ran out of time this morning. I hate calling customer service because I can barely understand them and they always tell me to do the same things I have tried 12 times already.

anyone else experiencing slow upload speed and chaotic disconnects?

I am seriously considering canceling Verizon/Fairpoint service and going back to Comcast. I am willing to pay twice as much for something that will actually work and not cause me endless aggravation.


Portsmouth, NH

I lose approx 30% of my download speed nearly every day. I need to powercycle my modem to restore the speeds I'm paying for. Never happened with Verizon and is getting very frustrating.