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reply to BillRoland

Re: Modem Rental only for DOCSIS 3?

Currently you cannot purchase the modems. Comcast must provide the modems for you, thus rental fees.


Port Orange, FL
DSL now only exist as an alternative to cable superior speed

20/2, 22/5,50/10
insanely speed...


reply to swhitney2003
Is this a temporary change, or is it some new cable industry policy? I don't like Comcast's modems and I don't like that it costs me more in the long run; I'd like to own a solid D3 modem just like I have a D1.1 modem for the past 6 years. Having to rent the cheapest modem Comcast can find isn't very appealing.


Accokeek, MD
That is primarily because the newer DOCSIS v3 modems haven't shown up in the retail channel yet (especially those from Motorola). While they are shipping to the cable companies, they won't ship into the retail channel until the service has gone live in that area (the same was true with the original DOCSIS and DOCSIS 1.1). I bought my first retail modem (GI/Motorola SURFboard SB-4100) back in 2001, and I paid through the nose for it (nearly $200); however, the SB-5120 I replaced it with in 2005 (not because of failure, but as a planned upgrade due to future deployment of Blast!) cost less than *half* what I paid for the SB-4100 (in fact, I bought the SB-5120 and a wireless router and paid less for both than what the SB-4100 originally cost me). More than likely, if you are renting a D3 modem, it would likely be from Motorola (Comcast's largest HSI rental-modem supplier); Motorola is, and has been for years, Comcast's D1.1 modem supplier of choice. (I'm a former Comcast employee at the Silver Spring, MD HSI callcenter, and based on that experience, I have recommended, and have bought, Moto's DOCSIS modems exclusively.)