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Comcast Sucks


What's the point?

So what good is this new fast speed when they limit their Usenet downloading to only 2 gigs a month(which I can fill up in 30 minutes even today)? What good is it when they throttle bittorrent downloads? Oh, and what good is it with a 250 gig monthly download/upload limit?

Comcast is really good at giving you alot of speed as long as you don't actually want to use it beyond checking your email and "surfing the web".

Their TV service stinks too. When we had Time Warner in Houston, with their expanded basic plan(they called it standard cable), I could get HDTV channels with my QAM capable TV such as ESPN HD etc. Nothing fancy, just the channels I was paying for already. When Comcast took over, they started encrypting those channels and required an extra $10 to get a converter box when there is absolutely no need for it. So I cancelled.

If i wanted another box on top of my TV I can get Satellite, U-verse, or even an antenna all of which have better HD than the compressed crap comcast has.


Kankakee, IL
So your saying that 250GB is only good for surfing, email? Yeah right, I wish people would stop with the cap talk, its old and pointless