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San Francisco, CA

Moving Question

I have a question. What happens if you are moving and basically moved the old phone service from the old location to the new location, would the old static IP's be gone in this case because it seems like AT&T/ASI would only have to change the customer end and not the sonic.net end.
DNA Logic Corporation


Santa Rosa, CA

When AT&T moves a telco line from one premise to another they must remove any additional services to make the change. This means linesharing must be removed and restored at the new location. They provide the virtual path and channel information to Sonic.net and we are supplying the IP space for the account. As long as you stay on the same circuit with our services we should be able to restore the same IP block that you had before. The systems on our end are automatically configured to do this. If however they need to change the specific circuit you are connected with, there would be no way to save the IP block. I hope this explains things. If you have further questions please let us know!

San Francisco, CA

Thanks, I guess what I am trying to figure out is that before line sharing existed. I remember when people relocated, the telco would just auto forward the calls to the new number assuming it was in the same city or within the zone 1/2 limits. Or does it actually just tell you what the new number is? It's been so long I don't remember but is there a charge for that? Now let's assume that one orders the line at the new location so you have the DSL running while the old location is still up, can you still have the telco just do that auto forward after the new location is up already?