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Perrysburg, OH

Cannot boot, Safe Mode does not load, Xp Disk does not load

Dell Inspiron 5150 laptop
Windows XP
512mb installed
Fujitsu HDD

Cannot boot, keeps rebooting thru post, and reboots.
Dell built in post daignostics option reports:
DST Failure: 1000-0146
(Drive Self Test)
Failing HDD

Hirens Boot Cd Drive testing tools all froze right after, or soon after starting

Safe mode starts, begins to load and either freezes, or reboots, endless boot loop.
Dells XP Recovery Disk does the same.

Pulled drive out and connected to a desktop, drive is accessible, contents and folders all viewable. Scanned drive, (Avast)4 viruses in windows system32 directory detected/removed, 3 spyware related using Spybot.

Ran Checkdisk from within windows, on this other pc,, reported "Error: corrupt file system error"

Is there a way to TRY and repair MBR, boot files, windows, etc without using the CD, (Xp Disk will not load)while connected to this other computer? Are ther any backups from within windows directory to try and overwrite/copy into, in effort to try and repair?


should the contents while acccessible/viewable be copied/backed up, and a new drive installed?

Laptop is in great condition, well taken care of....

Thank you for you help,

Alhambra, CA

Make sure in BIOS, the first boot device is CD.

All indications point to questionable/bad HD, may consider getting s new one.
I used to be indecisive, now I am not sure.


Perrysburg, OH
reply to donm207

yes, cdrom is the first boot device.

actually got it last night to run the windows repair utility
and ran chkdsk thru. actually got it to boot into safe mode a few times. disabled all startups, and all non needed services (thru show all non windows services), disabled all.

then booted once to regular windows but now blu screened with either:


or now receieving


now rebooting at the windows animated screen, animation bar stops, then reboots

but now tried a full repir install, will boot into safe mode, but when getting to desktop, now receiving message "windows cannot complete setup in safe mode, must reboot"

Seems as if the "Hyperthreading" section in Bio's is having something to do with it. i disbaled it, and when i got it to boot to windows desktop (regular) once,, it soon blue screened right after. not sure

Sooooo, not sure at this boot if it's the hardrive,, OR memory,, and some other hardware related problem.

any more advice, or suggestions?

thank you


Staunton, VA

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when your in safe mode, you should turn off the automatic reboot, so you can read the Event Log file. to get there, either hit the windows key and the pause break key or right click on MY Computer and goto properties, then advanced tab then startup and recovery, and disable automatic restart.

Next goto Control Panel and Administrative Tools and click on Event Viewers and check out your System events and see what comes up Red, report back with what you have if you can do that. If not try and get to your recovery console though the windows Disc and run Chkdsk /p or /r and then run FixBoot and FixMBR see what it does, if that fails, try a Repair install using your windows disc. boot from it, and go though like a fresh install, hit enter and then f8 and then hit R to repair your install. Do all that and let me know what you find out. First thing is post what it says under the event viewer if you can get to it, or if it comes up with a Blue Screen what it says. I saw you said it said Bad_Pool_Caller, if you could get me the entire readout I can help you better.

Also after all that if you can get it to boot normally run Malware Bytes, Unhack Me, and follow it up with CounterSpy or run all those from your other computer if you can get it to read the HDD good.

The Wonder Kitter
Missoula, MT

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reply to donm207

the 5150 has a history of heat related issues to include HDD failure, motherboard failure, lcd failure. I have a 5100 and it requires a monthly cleaning of the fan and heatsink.

that's the issue you're having, more than likely the motherboard has suffered a major heat damage and soon it will not boot, if you feel it's worth it, it will involve replacing the motherboard, ram, cpu, and cleaning the HSF throughly and applying a new thermal pad to it.