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Runs from Clowns

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reply to tshirt

Re: Poll....With the new tiers which will you subscribe to?

said by tshirt:

... a note to sortofageek See Profile (who lives not so very far away) that I received a fios flyer in with the grocery store ads this week, promoting "triple-play" for $99.99.
A dig through the recycle bin is in order, it seems.

Actually, I just checked the Verizon site a couple of days ago and received a "not yet."

It is strange the fliers are going to an area where FiOS is not yet offered. We can get all but the TV service here and I haven't noticed triple play ads yet.

As you know it is a big decision jumping from a service which is working very well to an unknown. I am also keeping my ear to the ground in the neighborhood. I love it when others go first.

Olympia, WA
reply to Rick
Yeah I'm just hoping those higher bandwidths will be available in my area some day. I'm not going to hold my breathe though, because the only current competition here is Qwest, and that's almost like no competition at all.
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Saint Paul, MN
reply to Rick
Sticking with the good ol' 12/2. It's plenty of speed for my mix of usage (e-mail, news, information, short movies, music).

Plus, seeing how they've upgraded this tier 4 times now (since I've been with them), I'll continue paying what I've been paying (more or...more!)
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Waterbury, CT
reply to Rick
So, with 188 votes so far..anyone see anything they're surprised about in the results?

I was a little surprised with the low turnout for the 50Mb
tier with only 2 votes out of 188. It really does say that speed..and PRICE..are both factors in what people want and are willing to step up to the plate to pay for. I didn't think the number going with it would be big..but did expect maybe 5% of people might go with it. Instead..it's barely taking 1% of the votes.

I'm not surprised however with the 22/5 results. It's coming in with a strong showing of about 24% right now. What it offers seems to justify the 20.00 price increase for many even though the standard tier speeds will be doubled. It also offers powerboost which the 50Mb tier does not. Lots of good reasons to stay at this level I think.

And, the big winner is...double our speeds for nothing coming in at 38% so far. Hey...we can't argue with a free Upgrade like that, right? It also seems to be a tier that may draw people away from the 16/2..52.95/mo tier with people willing to accept a little less speeds to save 10.00 a month. That tier though is still hitting about 12% right now.

Other than that..we learned that people who don't have the service love to click something and feel a part of it all anyway. Glad you all joined in.

And, thanks to all for participating.
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Manassas, VA
reply to vorlon
said by vorlon :

A 3.0/512k with Powerboost for 29.99 would be real attractive.

There's a pretty big price/performance gap between 768/384 for $24.95 and 12/2 for 42.95. Keeping a 4/1 or 6/1 service at a $30 or so price point would keep people like me who will probably jump ship as soon as XOhm or FiOS is available.
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West Palm Beach, FL
reply to Rick
I do agree,they should add a plan between the 768/384 and 6000/1000,or just increase the 768/384 speeds,and keep the price the same.In my area we only have 8000/2000,6000/1000,and the 768/384 plans.

Chesterton, IN
Well the plan is to get rid of the 6/1... why don't they just keep it there and lower the price.


Pasadena, MD
reply to Rick
I would choose the 12000/2000 if it were available in my area.

Price with another service:

Economy 768/384 24.95
Performance 6/1 42.95
Blast 16/2 52.95

Hard to figure as FIOS is available so would think they would want to be more competitive.

Lutherville Timonium, MD

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reply to Rick
I'd go with the 22000/5000 tier for now. However if FiOS ever comes around I'll be canceling and happily moving to 20/20 + no bandwidth restrictions + no messing with traffic during peak times. (I had it at my old house and it was definitely worth $65)

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San Jose, CA
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reply to MalibuMaxx
Assuming that they would keep a 6/1 tier at $30 a month, they'd probably have far more subscribers cutting back to the 6/1 tier than staying with the $42.95 tier, or ordering higher tiers. Which would screw with their revenue predictions.
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