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Canonsburg, PA

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Untrue Statement by WSD engineers.

"While most engineers we've spoken to in the industry do admit that White Space will be tricky to implement (the initial low power of devices in particular may hamper usefulness) most agree that after half a decade of debating the idea that it's time to at least give it a shot." These are not low power devices in relation to Wi-Fi. Even 40 milliwatts at TV frequencies will have considerably more range than Wi-Fi. For their claimed intended purpose 10 milliwatts on adjacent channels and 50 milliwatts on non-adjacent channels for unlicensed mobile white space devices would probably be adequate and would certainly reduce any unintentional interference.
Some of the WSD proponents have made it very clear they want all of TV channels 21-36,38-51 eventually. They won't say this but the way to accomplish that is to make sure the devices have enough power to interfere. Why is there such an insistence on such an aggressive start to WSDs? It will be impossible to get rid of any such devices that interfere once they're out there in numbers but it will always be possible to increase the power of future devices if the technology to diminish interference improves.