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Brighton, MA

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Re: support from scofflaws?

said by callihn:

said by ArrayList:

considering that I don't pay income taxes(disabled vet pulling disability while I go to school on the post 9/11 GI bill »en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Post-9/11_···_of_2008) i dont give a rats ass about raising taxes. so if thats what it takes to get more competition in the broadband markets then by all means bring it on!
Interesting, I was thinking that instead of raising taxes we could just make some of these sorry, so called disabled people and some of these lazy adults hiding in school ( that don't know how to use apostrophes ) get out and go to work and contribute to society, instead of just sitting around sucking it dry, then we wouldn't have to ever raise taxes. Since I'm neither I think that would be a grand solution!
i would've thought that serving 8 years in the military with 6 of them being deployed I'd deserve some time off. forgive me for not going right into blue collar work. I kind of want to get into the white collar field myself(hence the college). I will be working. someday. If more people went to college, served, either public office or military, and then went to work we'd have a far more intelligent workforce, probably even more technically skilled.

Giving someone a hard time for going to college is such a bastardly thing to do.