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[DIRECTV] Direct TV HR 22 screen saver

Hi all, I just got Direct TV and love it! Got one question though, was watching the election 'mix' last night, and after about oh, 60 minutes of "inactivity" I was just watching but didn't press any buttons on the box or remote), the screen went dimmer and a message appeared on the bottom of the screen saying "screen saver in effect press -- to disable" (or something like that).

Questions; 1) why did a screen saver kick in when I was watching something, and 2) is there a way to "permanently" disable this "feature"? I looked everywhere but couldn't find anything. Thanks!

Salt Lake City, UT
The only times screensaver has come on is when I have paused for a few minutes or when I'm listening to XM Radio. When it comes on with XM, the artist, song title, etc. bounce around in place of the D* logo.

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What is the model of your box?

DirecTV screen savers do not have any message on the screen saying "screen saver in effect press -- to disable". They just display a moving DirecTV logo.

Are you sure this isn't your display/television doing this?
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This DOES happen on the "mix" channels. It is to prevent burn-in as the boxes and graphics do not move around on the mix channels. Pay no attention to the other posts as they are referring to the music channels (800s) which have a screensaver function as well but works differently with a floating box.

You cannot disable it. Just press some useless button to clear it without changing the channel.
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Re: [DIRECTV] Direct TV HR 22 screen saver

Press the DASH button 3 times when you see the screensaver. This should be the last time that you see the screensaver.

Pressing DASH three times will forever disable the DirecTV screensaver.

Check with DirecTV about getting a remote with the DASH button if you do not have the proper remote control.

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Dublin, OH
Might be a bit off topic, but could someone enlighten me as to what a "mix" channel is?
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DIRECTV makes finding sports, news, and kids programming easy and more enjoyable with Mix Channels. Tune to any of the Mix Channels to view live feeds of top-rated networks. When you see something you want to watch, simply tune to that channel. Plus, a live host will keep you up to date of what's on and what's coming up next!


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I only know of 2 DirecTV mix channels. One is the sports Mix at channel 205, the other is the news mix at channel 352.

When you tune to a mix channel you get 8 sports or news channels displayed at the same time.

Sound can come from only one channel in the mix, you can navigate using the up down left right arrow controls on your remote to change the active sound channel.

A DirecTV offer may be made, usually if not exclusively on the sports mix channel. As I type this, watching the sports mix, there is an ad on the top of the screen which says press the red button to learn about WWE royal rumble. Ads are also going across the bottom of the screen.

Sports Mix channels on display going across from upper left are ESPN 206, ESPN2 209, NFL Network 212, HNL Network 215, the next row, are Golf Channel 218, NBA TV 601, Speed 607, CBS college 613. If you press select on the channel which is providing sound, the mix will move you to that channel as if you had tuned it by channel number.

For the news mix, starting from the left top, we have (going across) CNN 202, CNN Headline News 204, Bloomberg 353, CNBC 355. On the lower row, starting from the left, we have MNNBC 356, Fox Business 359, Fox News 360, Weather Channel 362.
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DirecTV has told me that the dash button needs to be hit three times while watching programming. However, the dash button pressed three times will only extend the time before the screensaver comes on.

The dash button three times while watching programming will extend the time before the screensaver starts.