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Minneapolis, MN

3CR858-91 ipsec vpn

I am have connected 2 3CR858-91s via ipsec vpn tunnel. I have opened udp ports 2093-2096 and tcp 1025 and 1040 too. I programmed 2 3102 3com phones at my remote location. I plugged them in and they appear as IP phones on my 3com system, however the actual phones never display an extension or get dialtone. I am baffled! I have set up about 20 other similar vpns with no issues. Could anyone help steer me in the right direction?


San Marcos, CA
Sorry for the late reply:

Unless the phones were first discovered locally than moved out to the remote site - it sounds like connectivity to the remote site is good as the problem description below indicates.

Things to look at:
1) Is the NBX setup for Standard IP or IP on the Fly (vs Ethernet)
2) Are the phones already discovered (auto-discovery enabled)
3) Is there enough Group 2 licenses available for the new phones