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3com 3000 series router 3036

I saw someone else had posted early about the 3036 router from 3com. I have one here as well. Let me describe what I have and have not been able to do so far with it. I was able to turn on the dhcp and get my machine to grab an ip from the router. At this point, I thought it would be smooth sailing since I could log in with 3com Device Manager and use the gui to configure the rest of the router. Apparently I had no idea what I was getting into, the Device Manager(V4sp6) appears to just give yo some very general information. To log in with the software, you have to make sure you turn on snmp, which is a piece of cake. But once you see the router in the Device manager, there isn't any real settings to change around!

On the left hand side I am just seeing "Device Management", "Port Management", "Performance Monitoring", and "Routing Protocol Management". There is basically minimal options under any of these menus. Where are the DHCP options? Where are the Port Fowardings options, VPN options?

At this point, it is looking like most of the configuration will have be done through command line? Is there a guide somewhere that is straight forward and easy to follow regarding the series 3000 routers? The device manager download was around 100MB, what is in this program? From what I saw of it there shouldn't have been more than a couple MB at most!

Any help is greatly appreciated.


San Marcos, CA
Unfortunately I haven't seen anything with programming examples.

Is there anything in particular you need help with?


Hey thanks for the response! I am working through the configuration guide trying to learn everything. I will keep working at it and let you know if I run into any problems. I want to try and do as much as possible on my own without troubling anyone else. Thank you very much.


Ok, I have come into a couple of questions skinsfanusa. I have been experimenting with some different settings. I have been configuring through the console, and have had some success. My machine is going through LAN0. Originally I was able to enable the dhcp on the interface, and I was able to get an ip via dhcp! I changed some other settings, and now I am not able to get the an address via DHCP.

First question: How can I reset the router back to factory defaults?

Once I got an ip address, I tried using the 3Com Device Manager, which is what I was planning to use to finish configuring the router, instead of the command line. After enabling the snmp, I was able to log into the router using the GUI interface. Under functions, I only show the folders for, Device Management, Port Management, Performance Monitoring, Router Protocol Management.

Reading in the Help file, I believe it should show many many more folders such as Ethernet Interface Configuration, NAT Management, DHCP Management, etc.

Question 2: Is there something else I need to enable to get these showing up in the 3com Device Manager?

I have used multiple office connect routers, and various linksys, netgard, dlink routers over the years. Currently we are using the Office Connect Secure router. Sometimes we will have it lock up. Since I have always been pleased with 3com equipment, we decided to move up in the chain and got the 3036 to replace the Secure Router. Our main reason for the upgrade was stability. Looking at the documentation I was a bit overwhelmed at first, but I read somewhere that I just need to get the Device Manager working, and then it is much easier to configure. Since I can't get alot of the menus to show up though, I am feeling a bit over my head. Any help, thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank You.