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Ben Dover


Avoid JoiPhone at all costs

I have never in all of my life dealt with a company that is as full of deceit, lies, and ineptitude. Your service may work great now, like mine did for about 5 weeks, but your time will come…

My service was out for 6 weeks. I could not receive a call from anyone and I could not forward my calls to another number. After 5 weeks, I was told that they didn’t know if the issue would ever be resolved.

Hearing that, I decided to sign up with another provider and transfer my number to them. JoiPhone has denied my transfer request and says that I made a request to transfer my number to a different carrier before I made the request to transfer my number to the provider I’m with now. That is an outright lie.

A co-worker of mine has experienced the exact same run around and pack of lies. I have filed a complaint with my CC, the BBB, and the FCC. AVOID JOIPHONE AT ALL COSTS, FOR YOUR OWN SANITY!!!

I only hope I can get them to abide by the law they are bound to and transfer my number, per my request so that I never have to deal with them again. They are unbelievable!

On a side note, this is a direct, word-for-word quote from the JoiPhone Sales department, “In reference to correcting your issue we have procured a shipment of incense which we have been burning for the last 24 hours with the hope that we will get good Chi and a sense of balance in our minds and souls.”

That’s the kind of “people” you’re dealing with.