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Nashua, NH

[Business] Comcast for SOHO costs

Am pricing a business package from Comcast for 12/2 internet + 4 voice + fax line (why is this necessary w/4 voice lines?) + static ip.
Total monthly is something like $280 for 12 months plus $100 install.
Comcast business was just recently offered in our area (southern NH). Wondering if this is competitive pricing, etc.

San Jose, CA
get friendly with your account rep and you can probably knock that price down a bit.

i've spent my life cursing comcast for their horrible tv ads and astronomical residential cable pricing, but we had a business class account rep show up at work one day a few months ago and after basically offering us the moon, we skeptically agreed to a trial period and he actually delivered on everything he had promised.

we're getting 22/5 internet, 2 voice lines and a fax line for around $189 a month. they're even eating a $500 early cancellation fee and two mandatory final months of service at $149/mo imposed by our old ISP through a $25 credit on our monthly bill until the balance is offset.

we were extremely skeptical about the whole deal due to the fact that they'd basically be losing money on our account for probably a year before the $189 a month price would generate any profit for them, but they've definitely delivered the goods...

I do this for a living

Dover, DE
reply to amherstnh
your static is normally $150....so that seems about right once you add 5 lines..


Nashua, NH
reply to amherstnh
Here's the Comcast Business Class Service proposal:
Total monthly bill quote of $275 plus $100 installation (4 x $25 per voice line).
Details - Comcasts offer starts with the $149 pkg which has 16/2 plus PowerBoost (whatever that does?) which includes 2 voice lines; adding 2 additional voice $50 each; plus fax line at $25 (why can't this be over a voice line?); $15 for static IP which my IT guy says i need; plus another $5.00/mo for (this is new) Voice-eMTA Equipment Fee.
Will do 12/24/36 months at fixed price.

Questions - is this a deal? 12/24/36 months? why do you need separate fax line? wtf is the $5 equip fee?


Las Vegas, NV

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To be exact it should be $273.80 / mo and $99.80 for the activation/install. This is a solid deal, you get a decent discount with the preferred bundle over the stand alone services. If you got an agreement from your account rep you should see a $80.85 discount for bundling the all the services together. A nice thing to note is you will not loose that discount after your service agreement is fulfilled.

As for the fax line, you can use one of your regular voice lines for that. But if your fax machine is in the hunt group, or part of your roll-over-lines, the fax will answer. In most cases having a dedicated fax line is far less of a headache then sharing a voice line with it.