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Teleblend out for almost a week

My teleblend service stopped working middle of last week. I submitted a ticket (#305774) and it was fixed for one day, then it stopped working again. I have not received any other response from Teleblend, despite 3 emails in response to the ticket notification.

Please advise.


Leesburg, VA
We actually responded to your ticket yesterday at 2pm EST. I have sent a follow up response to you.

reply to TBCustomerInWI
The service is now back. I am almost 100% sure this was the fault of my ISP (TDS Telecom) and not Teleblend. Though I am quite knowledgeable about networking, I cannot explain how this procedure fixed the problem:

1) I changed my DSL modem to bridge mode (my ISP wants me to run in NAT/DHCP server mode for security; I agree, I feel safer behind a NATed modem).
2) I rebooted my gizmo. It now received a real internet IP address (rather than a private one behind that NAT DSL modem).
3) The VOIP service came back right away.
4) I changed my DSL modem back to NAT/DHCP mode.
5) I rebooted the gizmo, and VOIP works again.

Very strange. I also had other problems (Wii Connect was not working), which are now resolved.

So, for some reason, changing to bridge mode and back fixed the problem I was having with my ISP. I cannot explain how.

Thanks for the response.


Leesburg, VA

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It may be that your ISP caches the MAC address of the device requesting your IP address. So when you switched it to Bridge mode, instead of getting your Modem's MAC, it got your Gizmo's MAC which cleared the cache. Then when you set it back to DHCP it was able to pick up a new IP address.

Just a theory though. I'm happy to hear it is working though.