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Cambridge, MA

Wholesale pricing

Not sure I understand. If I was selling to a wholesaler I would charge them 95%ile usage billing. The more they use the more the spend (re-cooping cost). Throttling on large cap wholesale services does not make any sense if you get more revenue from more traffic.

Am I missing something?



That might be an isolated case, but Look Communications have posted information on their site mentionning a fee of 360,000 per month. (Context: After Bell tried to disconnect Look from DSL, the Ontario Court of Justice forced Bell to continue the carrier service for this monthly amount)


However, shortly after in November 2007 Look was claiming that Bell would "excessively and incorrectly invoice Look for more than double the terms of the July 31 Order of $360,000 per month". »www.look.ca/en/files/Look_grante···0731.pdf

So at this point, I'm still unsure whether Bell sells its DSL on a flat rate, per 'box', per connection, per subscriber, or per GB. If anyone knows, that would be interesting.