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Sacramento, CA

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reply to JimF

Re: Warning: You must Plug magicJack into USB

Did MJ tell you that they supply drivers for x64 Windows?

I tried installing XP x64 in a computer a while back and I could get virtually nothing to work, including MJ.

I currently use Vista x32 but continue to have some MJ problems. For example, when I boot up the computer MJ is never recognized. I have to replug MJ into another USB port in order to get Vista to recognize it. Once recognized, it works fine. I also use a PCI USB card that is several years old. MJ works fine using it and XP. Works fine with Vista after the previously described problem. Won't work at all with x64 XP.

As I understand it, x64 drivers are different from x32 drivers. Additionally, x32 software has to run using an emulator under x64 (like WOW64, Windows on Windows emulator which is built into x64 Windows). I'm not sure MJ is designed to work under x64 both in terms of drivers and software emulation being required which is pretty slow.

Allentown, PA
No, MJ doesn't supply any drivers at all. Everything is just on their dongle in flash memory, which should work in any standard USB port under any version of Windows that I know of. My old USB card still works fine in my new Vista x64 PC for two printers and a USB flash drive, it is only the MJ that does not work. I am guessing that it is due to some incompatibility with the card, but won't know until I get the new one, and will post back if it works.

But from the various problems people have had, it appears that MJ is more particular about the USB port than a lot of other devices. We will see.

Allentown, PA
No luck with the new USB card (Rosewill RC-101). It works fine for everything else, but not MJ. Maybe a different PCI slot would work, but I only have two and don't want to change it. So I will just use the motherboard USB port. I have plenty of others anyway.