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Toledo, OH


Well it's nice to know they are keeping up with the other companies,would be nice if the other packages got a little boost from this seeing as now the elite package is far far behind in speed but I doubt it.

Now after the 20mbps is introduced look for a monthly cap on download limit soon to follow I am guessing.

Please tell me if i am wrong,as I hope it does not come to that,and if it does hopefully they are somewhat fair and do as much as Comcast at least and not try to be as cheap as Time Warner and AT&T.

Shoot to kill
Toledo, OH
No, I'm pretty sure that all the other tiers are staying put. At least no official updates have made it my way yet. Remember though, speeds were just bumped up earlier this year so my guess is that there won't be any more increases until DOCSIS 3.0 services are officially rolled out. That's just my personal view on things though, so remember to take it all with a grain of salt.

I don't want to take the liberty of commenting on anything else you asked unless / until something official is announced.

- Tate

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