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Dacula, GA

Atlanta Falcons

Yesterday, me and my son were on the 50 Yard line, behind the Falcons bench, row 30. This was definitely the best football game I have ever been to, and has me looking forward to not only the rest of this season, but many more to come, here in Atlanta.
It is great to see this team make such a turn around from the tragedy we saw last year.
One thing I noticed being so close to the action was how well Mike Smith and the players interacted, one on one.
Atlanta has been overdue a professional sports team for a long time that actually is professional.
Go Falcons!

What Does This Do?
Alpharetta, GA
Yeah, I had noticed on some of the crowd shots of the home games that the crowd appears a good bit more energized.

Haven't been to a game this year yet; but looks like it will continue to be a fun year.


Kennesaw, GA
reply to nikdo
Mike Smith in an interview credited the fans with causing the Panthers to make key penalties, 4 of them I think he said, that had a decided impact on the game. That enthusiastic support had been missing for a while and it's good to see it back. What's really amazing to me is how well the offensive line has played this year. When the Falcons get in the Red Zone now it's TD's instead of FG's most of the time. They handled one of the top defenses in the league last Sunday and played almost mistake proof football. Todd Weiner's job on Julius Peppers was awesome.