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Yarmouth Port, MA

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reply to FFH5

Re: Past statistics don't always show future trends

said by FFH5:

compiled the latest set of data concerning the growth of Internet traffic
A lot of these predictions that the internet WON'T face much higher bandwidth demand is based on past statistics. But a paradigm break is in process. The past statistics can't recognize the tremendous growth of online high def video that is coming. Those predicting drastic growth may be more prescient than the statisticians looking backward.
I think we're in the middle of that, now.

Again, folks, know your history or it will come to know you (in a Biblical way).

When the web took off, everything strained under the addition of images,

and then animated images,

and of course demand of the web increased and another cycle was born --

flash and light video and larger images --

multiple computers per household -- more consumers -- more worldwide adoption.

Plus, don't forget that video itself has undergone a revolution. There aren't many 19-inch 4x3 format TV's selling these days.

That's not the future -- that's now. Those that are throttling are throttling the inevitable --

-- they're throttling progress --

-- and more insightful countries are passing us.

How can we invent the technology of tomorrow when throttling ISPs keep us all using the technology of yesterday?

Holy crap!
Robb Topolski -= funchords.com =- Hillsboro, Oregon
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Ashburn, VA

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It's simple. Some CEO can make $18 million now instead of $4 million. If the company crashes and burns while crippling an entire industry, certainly the people will bail them out with our taxes. Although the tax payer will still be left with an inadequate, overpriced infrastructure with no other options available.