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San Francisco, CA

Had my 1.5 down...

Not too long ago, maybe two or three weeks, I noticed that my downloads seemed to be topping out at about 44Kb/sec. At first I thought it just was load balancing or bandwidth limiting, annoying but not unreasonable. Then I got curious and did a bunch of speed test and the all were capping in the 360Kb or so down and 345Kb up.

I called tech support and they said they couldn't see anything from their end so they would open a ticket with COVAD/AT&T and see what the problem is. Knowing that dealing with others takes time I waited but haven't heard anything, not even a notice of an open ticket. The problem is still the same and tech support, which has been great in the past, seems to be jammed.

Anyone know what is up?

Atlanta, GA

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My 6 mbps Covad dryline now measures 1.5 down with a sync of 2016. This happened just in the past few days. I went to the Covad support forum and they sent me back to Cyberonic. I don't know what's happened to Cyberonic lately except that they have sucked bad. They don't answer complaints or acknowledge open tickets anymore. I changed my review to very bad!

I did get from the Covad support forum that I'm in Safe Mode. I'm looking for a different ISP that uses Covad drylines in the Atlanta/North Georgia area.