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Sunnyvale, CA

Teleblend - incoming call problems

I have opened ticket number 307722 a week ago but so far
no response.

Installed new teleblend innomedia and new phone number
(area code 530)on my home WRT54G router a few weeks ago.
It worked fine immediately, next to my other 2 old SR / teleblend innomedia lines (area code 408). The was on ATT/DSL.

The new innomedia was then moved to a vacation house and
installed behind a WRT54-G2. It immediately looked good, (green VOIP, dialtone) but did not receive any
incoming calls. Fast Busy usually. A few support calls to Teleblend and the ISP (, radio broadband, DSL speeds). Tried direct connect, various setups, etc.
no difference. Static IP.
ISP actually tried calling the Teleblend number and determined they never receive an IP packet to route to me.
That seems to be a problem.

When I got home, I found out I could complete a call to the
new vacation home number from my teleblend line at home
where I originally installed the new line to test.

Sound like some screwed up routing?
I know you are suppose to be able to move these gizmos around the world, but wonder how Teleblend knows how to route your calls.

Still no progress on the ticket after a week. My cell phone and other phones cannot call the 3rd teleblend number at the vacation location, but my two teleblend lines at home can.


Leesburg, VA
I'll look into this tomorrow for you.


Leesburg, VA
Sent a reply back to the ticket.