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RIP Analog Go Digital

Woodbridge, NJ
reply to ViRGEdx

Re: Digital Transport Adapter Unboxing Photos

said by ViRGEdx:

The DTA only offers RF out, so the image quality isn't anything to write home about.
It's all very unimpressive, but if anyone does have a question, I'd be glad to answer it.
Great pictures, thanks for sharing with us.

Re all being very unimpressive, well, the main point was something really cheap that allowed Comcast to free up the analog bandwidth. And this DTA dongle delivers it.

One interesting point that you made: You said the picture quality isn't anything to write home about. You made this comment compared to what? Like, say, were you to plug a S-Video out from a regular digital cable box to the same TV, the picture quality would improve? Or comparing apples to apples, i.e., RF out from the DTA compared to the RF out from regular digital box?

Now, if Comcast "Freedom" area/NYC metro were only to move their... and start moving the non-broadcasting analogs to digital only and give the subscribers the DTA... Yeah, that will happen here around year 2020, maybe 2050...
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