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Portsmouth, RI
reply to ViRGEdx

Re: Digital Transport Adapter Unboxing Photos

Great writeup and pics, thanks!

Basically this thing is a QAM tuner, there is NO encryption used(for now). Any channel that an HDTV with a QAM tuner can pick up all of the channels that this thing does, except this DTA calls them by their old channels, like ch 40 is CNN, not 87-3 or whatever.

They could not put a cableCARD in these because it would be way too expensive. Removable security/conditional access cards are now required if you want to use any form of encryption. This was an FCC mandate back in the summer of 2006. Verizon won an exception by eliminating all of their analog signals, so new STBs that they deplay CAN have integrated security. Comcast applied for an exemption for these DTAs, and the FCC denied their request.

I think it has been said that the first 2 DTAs are free if you subscribe to at least digital starter, or something like that. They are designed for bedroom TVs, or TVs that don't get as much use, that you want to continue to be able to watch cable TV on, but don't use it enough to justify paying the few bucks a month for a regular cable box.