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Dilligaf..I Do
Vernon Rockville, CT

They didn't even have the commercials!!!

Gees, they usually air the "at AT&T we have the best employees, they are he backbone of our company, and they are doing their best for YOU" commercials right before they reduce the workforce. Yet this would be contradictory to the recent employee bashing by the company done at the DPUC trials, stating that the employees are the reason for poor service records as of late(last eight years). The last time you had a problem with your phone, how long of a wait were you quoted?
We just figured out Blues Clues. We just figured out Blues Clues. We just figured out Blues Clues...Because We are so smart



ATT does not value it's employees. While they are laying off 12000+ and the other 4600+ in april, they have staffed there Uverse departments with new hires at $13.00 an hour. Many are threatened daily and many have quit after a few months. They also hire many EcoComp contractors to clean their dsl job load (this does not mean they "fix" anything) for the day and postpone the repair until they send a real tech or the customer just goes to a competitor or tries the new Uverse product. Everybody is scared at ATT because it is run by bean counters without forsight. They want to run the business like rival Comcast and pay as little as possible to employees and middle managers etc.. For those who have Comcast or Direct TV or Dish Network or Supra Telecom which all use contractors extensively, have you liked your customer service lately????

Rod Stiffington


att just implemented a no (idle time) policy. This means they dont want there techs idling while filling out reports or closing there jobs at all. Not even 1 minute. In the summer time, in some warmer climates, it can get close to 100 degrees in so Texas areas etc... The reason is the bean counters said if they can save 10 minutes of idle time a day from techs and managers alike, they would save millions in gas expenditures etc.. sounds reasonable if you are just a machine not a human being. More bean counters at work who DO NOT work outside or serve the customers. I'm sure this moron will get a bonus and be able to keep his job another year. fyi.