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Broomall, PA


What ever you want to call this... I think the way the economy is going the Depression of the 1930's will seem like a picnic compared to what is slowly happening presently. I think greedy Corp Execs are in it for themselves for the most part and stockholders (which seems to be less and less now days as the markets show). I would love to see all Corp Execs take a pay cut of say 50% or or earn only 1 million a year whichever is less and love to see them say I am doing this for the company till the economy turns around. So instead of laying bunches of people off they keep many of them employed.
It's distressing because I am one of the layoffs in my place in the broadcast industry and it's really scary that unemployment compensation gets less as time goes on and my part time gigs are here today but don't know about tomorrow.