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reply to wifi4milez

Re: And in a year they'll be wishing they hadn't

Fixing the economy? How? By sinking us in OUR FIRST trillion dollar deficit? Wasting Money on Star Wars? Selling Drugs in South America while we Funded the Sandistas? So on and So forth. He fixed nothing. Matter of fact, prior to regan, PEOPLE OWED US MONEY. Regan sank us in debt to others.

As for collapsing the soviet union, that's been a catch 22. On one hand, we brought down the soviet empire. On the other, we probably would have been better off letting it stand. Many of those countries are far from free, are breeding grounds for fundamentalists, and live under worse dictatorships than the USSR served. Let's face it, we didnt have those "Stans" training terrorists when the USSR ran them.

Laguna Hills, CA

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You have zero clue what you're talking about. Yeah, Ukraine was better off under Soviet tyranny, uh huh. I guess East Germany is worse off now as well.

And sure guy, there was no terrorism before 1991.