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Jonesville, MI

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Re: The Neat Thing about Cleland's Article --

Actually, in your quote there, it doesn't even need torn apart. The customers are the ones paying to access the Google content. Google charges the customer by advertising and collecting browsing habits. The ISP charges the customer for the connection (and if you have 20% of your traffic going down a free pipe, I'd think you'd be pretty happy).

I happen to drive truck and you wouldn't believe how many taxes are placed on the trucks. The Indiana Toll Road (or maybe it was Ohio) is debating raising tolls--for trucks. Why? Because not as many people are using the road. If less people use the road, isn't there less wear and tear? But don't worry about that, these costs are all passed on to you and everyone else who buys... anything. Then that money goes to the overseas company that has the 99-year lease on the toll road.