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Jamaica, NY
reply to raye

Re: Internet connections could be more affordable for everyone?

said by raye:

AT&T charges about $200 per T1 line local loop charge more for T3 and higher what will chaqrging Google more do to reduce that ripoff?
First Google is not getting a T1 or a T3 from ATT. You must be kidding. Google/ATT pays for a 1/10/40 gigabit ethernet, or more pointlessly SONET connection for a couple hundred a month in a peering building to the owner of the peering building. You either have your datacenter in the peering building, or you rent dark fiber or a lamba of a DWDM fiber from a metro-ethernet/fiber provider, or you own it yourself leasing duct space (most likely for google).

Also Google/ATTs connection is totally unlike a normal internet connection, ATT will only accept packets for ATT IPs (IPs inside the ATT ASN), nothing else. Nobody else can be reached on that connection. Also the deal isn't between ATT landline, heck ATT might not even be the ILEC in the area, its between AT&T Internet Services (SBC ILEC DSL backbone »fixedorbit.com/AS/7/AS7132.htm ) or AT&T WorldNet/Business Internet (old AT&T CLEC backbone, older and bigger than SBC ILEC backbone »fixedorbit.com/AS/7/AS7018.htm ) or ex-BellSouth backbone ( »fixedorbit.com/AS/6/AS6389.htm ) or I think ATT CLEC's international network/business ventures around the world (»fixedorbit.com/AS/2/AS2685.htm »fixedorbit.com/AS/2/AS2686.htm »fixedorbit.com/AS/2/AS2687.htm »fixedorbit.com/AS/2/AS2688.htm )

read more at »www.corp.att.com/peering/

At one point the baby bells of ATT had their own ASNs (»fixedorbit.com/AS/3/AS3751.htm), but ATT did merge them out (which is amazing how many old machines and old websites, and portals of the baby bells still exist around).

Orange, CA
Did not say Google purchased T1. I purchase a 6xT1 from 3rd party and I pay approx $1700/month for it. Half the cost goes for local loop.

Cleland makes argument that if Google paid thier fair share costs would be reduced. Is AT&T going to reduce its local loop charge just because Google thorws more money at them? Doubt it