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Ace JH


Cox Digital Cable & TVGOS Data

Until recently I had no problem receiving TVGOS info from my local host station (New Orleans, LA) WYES CH 12 with my Panasonic EH55 DVD Recorder. The TV Guide on my DVD Recorder would list ALL the Digital Stations corretly. Now my Recorder cannot find a "host" station to receive TVGOS data. Anyone else in the New Orleans, LA area have this problem?


Fredericksburg, VA

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I had that problem here in the Fredericksburg, VA area. Seems that stations that are/were participating in the DTV test temporarily took their TVGOS system off line, then put it back on after the test.

Here in the Washington, DC region, we had our DTV test a couple of weeks ago. Prior to the test, my DVR (also a Panasonic) didn't have any data for over a week. But after the DTV test, it got a full week's worth of data within 24 hours.

Since this post was over a week ago, have you gotten a full week's worth of TVGOS data?

The biggest question is when this all goes digital on 17 Feb 2009 - will we or won't we have TVGOS data for our DVRs since this is all sent embedded within the picture data of the analog signal. Has there been any provision to send this over the ATSC signal and when converted back to NTSC the TVGOS data will be there. I guess we'll all find out soon enough.

Ace JH

Everything is back to normal.