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[cable] Arris TM502G "Battery" light flashes?

For as long as I can remember, the only lights that flash with use on the Arris TM502G were "Link" for internet connectivity and "Telephone 1" whenever someone used the digital phone in the house.

An hour or two ago I looked up to notice the "Battery" light, which is constantly lit up all other times, is flashing.

I'm damn curious as to why. I know the modem stores a charge for power outage so non-portable phones can still recieve and send a dialtone signal. Yet for as long as I've had this modem, the "Battery" light has never flashed on/off like this. No pattern or anything just on off on off.

I'm not sure if this means it's recharging the battery or the battery has lost it's charge or the battery is failing? the connection for both digital phone and internet is working just fine.

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Click TM502 Modem User Manual
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See if this helps. Look at Page 47 for the information.