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Van Nuys, CA

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Can I Ask A TB Tech A Question?

My ATA wasn't syncing well, it was the ImmoMedia ATA and was dropping calls left and right.

A year ago they replaced it with an AC 211 and it worked great but it wore out a couple months ago.

I requested a replacement and wast told that since it was my 3rd ATA in a year period I would have to pay for it.

I didn't go for that and we emailed back and forth for 2 weeks and I got no where and finally said the heck with it and mailed back that bad AC 211 to you as per our aggrement.

I emailed the tech that said he would not send another ATA for free and said I have returned the other and to be on the lookout for it and gave them the tracking number so they knew this was so.

I got an email back, it was a BCC to customer support requesting that they send me a AC 211 FOR FREE.

Now my questions is this:

"Why did you bust my chops so bad for 2 weeks only to send the one I asked for out at the end"
Wouldn't it have just been EASIER to just send it before we started emailing back and forth?

I'm just curious?

Thank you


Leesburg, VA
That's because the tech that you were dealing with received an exception to give you this second device for free. It was a one off exception that was made.

How are you storing your devices? Three devices going back is a very small percentage in terms of possibilities. Are they properly ventilated?


Van Nuys, CA

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reply to zbestwun2001
Yes, proper ventilation in a safe place
thank you.