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Can you do Blu?
Hercules, CA
reply to DarkLogix

Re: what is the point of 50Mbps with a 250gb cap they should use

said by DarkLogix:

you might not have noticed but I am no longer effected by the cap I'm just thinking about the poor chump that will get smacked by the cap some day and how its restricting internet apps
WTF business does anyone have consuming 250GB per month?
If you want a connection without limits, get one! Duh!
Some "chump" abusing the network gets smacked - I don't see the problem here...
A bandwidth hog gets booted? Good!

I am *STILL* not affected by the cap, neither are over 14 million other Comcast subs.
Think outside the Fox... Opera


What business is it of yours to ask what somebody else does with their service they pay for? Do you ask a car owner what business it is of theirs to be driving over 100K miles a year? As long as they pay taxes to upkeep the roads and they drive the speed limit its none of your business. Your attitude, "I dont do this so nobody else should either" is insulting. The bandwidth hog today could be the average user in a few years.