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Brooklyn, NY
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reply to AVonGauss

Re: one leap for docsis...

said by AVonGauss:

said by tmc8080:

What this means is consumers will choose the competitor in the area.. which will invariably be Verizon & AT&T. Comcast's huge investment in docsis 3 will be for nothing if they can't get consumers to subscribe.
Have you read about AT&T's new caps that they are now testing in two markets and plan to roll out nationally?
You can't look at the Texas, Ohio and California markets as test cases for what may or may not be tolerated in a market such as Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, etc. Comcast is largely in captive markets. If AT&T follows in Comcasts' shoes by putting total bandwidth data caps (in the same markets), there will be consequences in the form of anti-trust and subscriber class action lawsuits. Over the past copule of years, there were regulatory squabbles between the fcc/congress and both Comcast & AT&T over these policies.

If their overlapping footprint becomes less competitive with service that has ONLY data capped internet, there will be negative consequences for both companies. Over the long term, it's not in their best interest. This is one of the few industries in which consumers will draw a line in the sand when they are not treated fairly.