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Yarmouth Port, MA
reply to badtrip

Re: what is the point of 50Mbps with a 250gb cap they should use

said by badtrip:

I don't get why ppl would get fast internet to check email and light browsing, but they do,
These are the same people who buy dual-core 3 GHz systems and a top-of-the-line graphics card to play Windows Solitaire.
and that's exactly why I think a median usage data point is called for.
And then those numbers will be funny.

I'm all for capitalism, which we don't have here because every address is only served by 1 or 2 providers. To bring back capitalism, we ought to treat these "last-mile" delivery systems as streets. Own and maintain them publicly and let all the Comcasts, Time Warners, Coxs, Verizons hook up and offer competing connectivity, television, phone, or whatever subscription service over them.

If Target owned the city streets, none of the roads would go to Walmart. But since the public owns the streets, we have Target, Walmart, K-mart, shopping malls, centers, and etc..