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Frontier just cut MAX speed from 6Mb to 3Mb?

Hey, I've been getting Frontier MAX high speed DSL for several years...For the past year or so, I've been getting very close to the advertised 6M speeds that I've been paying for....
Not even a month ago, I did a speed test, and it was around 4.5-5M....
Lately my connection seems slower...So I just did another speed test, and I'm down to around 2.4-2.6M...
I'm thinking no way am I gonna pay for MAX at that low a speed...
Soooo...I go to the Frontier Packages to see if we somehow got dropped down to regular DSL...and low and behold, the only DSL service they advertise now is one speed: DSL MAX at 1-3MB....they dont even guarantee 3M at that price...

What gives?
is this how they are gonna enforce/control the 5GB cap? By cutting everyones bandwidth in half?!?!



I think I just realised what happened...
A couple weeks ago, my Mom called in to Frontier about making a payment, and while she was on the phone, the guy, just out of the blue told her he could lower her monthly payment...He never said why or how, so she said yeah, sure.

I bet what they did was to cancel our old account which we were locked into, inluding the 6M tier, and get us on the "new" lower speed tier, which seems to be the only one they offer now. Because we never had voicemail before, and right after she called, we had it, and couldnt understand why we got it all of a sudden.

So, in other words, they are tricking people who are on the 6M tier to go with the lower tier.
So if you wnat to keep your 6M speeds, BEWARE! DONT let them talk you into lowering your bill without telling you EXACTLY what they are offering.

Frontier has just hit a new low...as if the new proprosed cap werent enough!

Well, if they do hit me with the 5GB cap, its sayonara Frontier...Unfortunately that means I have to lose my internet completely, as they dont offer D/U any more, and I cant afford satelite.

Hell, maybe we'll dump the home phone line too, and I'll get a cell...My Mom already has one...so screw Frontier.

Webster, NY
reply to Seymour

Where are you located ? In Rochester,NY, the Max speed is still 10 mbps download and 1 meg up. I went just now to the Frontier website, stuck in my zip code and went to configure an phone/internet/ DISH TV set up just for kicks. Well one page at that website tells me that I will see "up to" 10 meg download speed and then on the configuration page that I would actually place the order from tells me that I would see "up to" 1 to 3 megs download. You see, this is the trouble with Frontier...besides their two year committment , they also can't seem to get the information that they provide on the website correct. ( I am ever so glad that I switched back to Roadrunner )


reply to Seymour

About an hour outside Rochester...But I did the same as you. Looked at the package, saw the "up to 10Meg", with no price...so i selected a package, and saw the "1-3 M" speeds. Then I put in a downtown Roch ZIP to see if it was just th rural areas that got lowered, but the downtown ZIP said the same.

"You see, this is the trouble with Frontier...besides their two year committment , they also can't seem to get the information that they provide on the website correct."

Not to mention, for the many, many years we have had service with them, I dont think there has been one time I have ever been able to completely make sense of reading one of the monthly bills....:(
I just aslways give up and pay it...


Rochester, NY
reply to Seymour

It's a bit confusing since current DSL technology isn't a shared link until you reach the CO AND your distance from the CO plays such a big part as well.

I'm about 4500 feet from the CO in my neighborhood and I get a consistent 4.5-5.5 MB/sec. Pretty much what I've had since 2001.

With the winter weather, you may want to have them run a line test. In addition, if you are behind a router/firewall and running a software firewall, that could be causing speed issue as well.

Carlinville, IL

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I was just on the phone today with Frontier and I was told "Max" is not 6mbps, but what I have now which is 3. To go from 3 to 6 my monthly cost is going to more than double. I was in the middle of a 2 year committment where my monthly cost actually just dropped since I started the 2nd year and now I'm told that is out the window and if I go 6mpbs I'm at the new price with no discounts.

Does this sound right? What would be the reason to commit to them for 2 years if there is no financial advantage to doing so?


Hopewell Junction, NY

frontier thinks people view their "2 or 3 year price protection guarantee" aka contract as a positive

lol how out of touch with reality this company is


reply to Seymour

You are correct...Max is no longer 6MB....It is now 3MB...

I guess Frontier recently got bought out by yet ANOTHER company recently, and it seems the new owners are screwing with everything.

Phillip M Dampier

Rochester, NY

If you have a price protection agreement in place and Frontier dropped your Internet speed, that is a violation of your agreement with them, which is supposed to protect your level of service and pricing.

Effectively, your recourse is to cancel service with no early termination fee, but you will need to be prepared to argue the point. The company must also give you written notice of the changes, and you have a 30 day window from that date to opt out (cancel service) with NO penalties for doing so.

Frontier's maximum speeds are determined by the individual Frontier owned telephone companies. In larger cities, no speed change has been made, but in some more rural areas where competition barely/doesn't exist, the company is cashing in on their de facto monopoly status.