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Re: Frontier just cut MAX speed from 6Mb to 3Mb?

I think I just realised what happened...
A couple weeks ago, my Mom called in to Frontier about making a payment, and while she was on the phone, the guy, just out of the blue told her he could lower her monthly payment...He never said why or how, so she said yeah, sure.

I bet what they did was to cancel our old account which we were locked into, inluding the 6M tier, and get us on the "new" lower speed tier, which seems to be the only one they offer now. Because we never had voicemail before, and right after she called, we had it, and couldnt understand why we got it all of a sudden.

So, in other words, they are tricking people who are on the 6M tier to go with the lower tier.
So if you wnat to keep your 6M speeds, BEWARE! DONT let them talk you into lowering your bill without telling you EXACTLY what they are offering.

Frontier has just hit a new if the new proprosed cap werent enough!

Well, if they do hit me with the 5GB cap, its sayonara Frontier...Unfortunately that means I have to lose my internet completely, as they dont offer D/U any more, and I cant afford satelite.

Hell, maybe we'll dump the home phone line too, and I'll get a cell...My Mom already has screw Frontier.