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Fiber In Your Diet?

East Palestine, OH

[Beta] Live Mail keeps going OFFLINE

I setup a family member's PC back in October. Upgraded her to Vista Ultimate SP1. Installed all Windows Updates. System had MS Office 2007 installed and Windows Live Mail, Live Photo, and Messenger. (The latest Live Betas).

This system was "kicking" her offline. Web pages would come up. Network icon had the web-planet. Web pages would come up... but the Live Mail program would always say "Working Online" in the bottom right corner, but would popup and say "you're working offline..." and give two buttons: "Connect" or "Try Again Later".

The LAN Settings in IE Options are all unchecked and there is no Proxy.

Even though web pages come up, and messenger shows connected (I was chatting with her tonight through it), Live mail says its offline. Once in a while the browser will say offline but connect when the option to connect comes up.

Yes, the WORK OFFLINE option in the File Menu is NOT checked in WLM.

I wasnt sure what to do ... so 2 weeks ago, I totally reformatted the PC and reinstalled VIsta fresh. Installed all the Windows Updates and then Office and Live Mail, photo, and messenger. Acobat 9 reader and Java is also installed.

This long story short... the problem is back again. Which is why she was chatting with me. But this problem of Windows working offline kills me. Ive done some Google searches on this subject and the references I get a futile. The recommended settings match or it doesnt work.

La Merma - Vigilado

any clues in eventviewer logs, error or warnings?


Fiber In Your Diet?

East Palestine, OH

I found this thread... but I have no way of testing it. She lives an hour away and I wont be up until xmas.

I was trying to remote desktop into her PC (I had it all setup to do).

(This is the link: »social.technet.microsoft.com/for···17867cc/)

I also found a post about some routers not working with some of Vista's networking components. I dont have that link on this PC... but I did setup the Linksys Vonage router. (Dont remember the model of hand. I know it's silver, and not the moto like mine.)